Fresh Start. Items to easily give your living room a new look

2016 was a crazy year and if you haven’t been living in a cave you’ve probably noticed it. So no need for us to list all the events that made our jaw drop and just be glad that 2017 is here, making us hope for the better. Let’s make the new start visible, in our closest surrounding, in our living rooms. We’ve thought of some simple but effective ways to give your place a fresh look and a new feel.

Add plants

Because nothing is fresher than a pair of green leaves. Plants have a great home decor power, they can be used to accentuate a specific piece of furniture: a large floor plant, for instance, is a great company for a nice armchair. Smaller pots can be placed in groups on shelves or coffee tables and medium sized pots can even be used as very natural room dividers.

Hang a big mirror

Still the easiest trick to visually extend your place. Get a big mirror and hang it on the wall like you would hang a painting. Since this is not a functional mirror for you to check your wardrobe or put on your makeup, there are probably plenty of spots in your living room where you can place it. For example, above the couch or wherever it reflects the light well. That way your place looks lighter and bigger.

Display sentimental items

Nothing changes the mood of the room as personal items. Whether it’s souvenirs, photos, the quirky lamp fixture you inherited from your grandmother or the selected works of your little niece. Don’t be afraid to put them up, they’ll instantly fill your living room with personality and even gives you something to talk about when you have guests.

Get a large coffee table

Yes, even if you have a small living room. A room doesn’t necessarily appear bigger when there is nothing in it – the opposite is often the case. You might have experienced that, when moving, as soon as the room is empty it looks smaller than it did with furniture in it. A large-scale piece gives the room significance and adds dimension to it.

Photo credits: AD, NikeJane, The Selby, insideout

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