Elisa Ansuini and the power of an endless fantasy

Fall is out there and we are jumping around pumpkins and cups of tea: it’s the perfect time of the year to snuggle up on the couch and dream about fairy tales (even more so with Winter around the corner). Do you need some tips? Elisa Ansuini has got good ones because she is a great illustrator who really loves Autumn and warm colours.

What does it mean to be an illustrator today?

If I ever learned something about my past is that we don’t need to label ourselves. First of all, I got a scientific education in high school, then my bachelor in Graphic Design and finally I landed in the vast sea of illustration.

Your world is a world inspired by fairy tales: which were your favourite childhood characters and which are now?

When I was a child I had a thing, as most people, for Disney characters. It was my mum, who used to work in a kindergarten, who totally got me into princess-and-dragon stories. Later on, I was really captured by the animation of Miyazaki and his Studio GhibliI really like Eastern culture, indeed I’m crazy for Vietnamese illustrator Tamypu and her attention to details. I also have to mention Elisa Ferro and Isabelle Arsenault who are among my greatest source of inspiration.

Cats have a special place in your sketches and also in your family as we can read in your bio. Tell us something about Luna.

Luna is our personal elf, it’s impossible not to find her in my works. She’s always there, she constantly invades my workspace playing with paintbrushes or taking a nap over the sketches. It’s really part of both my everyday life and my illustrated world. I really had no choice but illustrating Luna!

Could you please take us through your workflow? What tools do you use?

I usually sketch everything on paper, that’s where my work born, then depends on the customer requests. My favourite technique includes watercolors and tempera but, of course, I also use a lot of Photoshop and the graphics tablet.

Photo credits: Elisa Ansuini

Official website: www.elisansuini.com

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