Jäll & tofta – Sustainable design on children’s terms

Sina Gwosdzik and Jakob Dannenfeldt are product designers based in Berlin and specialized in creating interior spaces and furnishings. They are also the parents of two boys. Inspired by their children, Sina and Jakob have expanded their portfolio into producing kids’ furniture and other products for their own label, jäll & tofta little people.

Sina, what does it mean to be a designer today?

Designers are more and more like producers, because the internet and new manufacturing processes, such as 3D printing, make it possible to easily connect your product or idea with the end consumer. The designer becomes a part of the product from idea to distribution. That’s not always easy, but it gives you greater freedom with your ideas.

What is important when designing for children?
Designing products for kids is a process that starts with being intuitive and ends with being picky. We think it’s important for the designer to be oriented towards the needs of children, not to do market analysis and think what is in fashion or what people buy most. The selection of materials is also very important.

Your products are manufactured in Europe, and you use ecological materials. Why have you made these choices?
We want to design products that are manufactured by people and companies we know. We want fair prices and conditions for the people we are working with, and, on the other hand, we want to produce high-quality products. We are part of the system and market economy, so we act responsibly.

What are the essential elements of Christmas for you?
Christmas is special in many ways. We really appreciate the holidays around Christmas, because so many people and companies are having holidays, and it’s the perfect time to close the office with peace of conscience! It’s a time to rest, to be with your family, and it’s a celebration for kids all around the world. It’s cosy and warm inside (the perfect time to decorate your homewhile the grey winter lasts for another few months.

Photo credits: Anne Deppe

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