Design & Travel: a mini world tour with NØA + GINGER

We always had a passion for travelling and never-ending wanderlust. Anytime possible, we headed off, leaving Switzerland and the well-known environment behind us, for a new adventure in a foreign destination. Journey by journey, we came across stunning landscapes, old cultures, different habits and locally crafted goods, which we started to bring back home, giving our interiors a beautiful international flair.

Our curiosity finally peaked in launching NØA + GINGER: now we travel the world to find the best artisans to collaborate with. Together, we create modern handcrafted goods and support them in growing their businesses. Let’s take a tour around the world, meeting four selected artisans and some of their products.

1° Stop: Hamburg – Gorgeous knitted textiles – The urban pillow

In Hamburg the textile designer Juli gives yarn the character it deserves. She combines a minimalistic design with Scandinavian clean lines. We created a collection of textiles inspired by Juli’s daily life in an always-changing city like Hamburg.

2° Stop: Malta – Mid-Century rustic ceramics – The Bigilla containers – big

In the lovely town of Valletta, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, we have scouted Kira and her stunning ceramics. She applies a traditional coiling method to create her pieces, mostly inspired by the American and Scandinavian Mid-Century design with a touch of rustic Mediterranean flair.

3° Stop:  Cape Town – Genuine leather meets minimalistic aesthetics – The Huis basket

In their Studio in Cape Town, with a nice view on the Table Mountain, Safia and Brando create leather accessories out of genuine local leather. Their international background influences their design, which has a minimalist Japanese style. The creations made together showcase the beauty of the leather, a simple, natural and timeless material.

4° Stop: Mexico City – A refresh of Mid-Century Mexican classics – The Cali chair

In the Coyocán neighborhood of Mexico City we met Pauline and Oscar, a French-Mexican talented designer duo. Their work is inspired by the Mid-Century Mexican design and is influenced by the creative and colorful life of Mexico City. Together we created a modern version of the well-known Acapulco Chair.

Words by: NØA + GINGER

Photo credits: Carolina Caruso Photography

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