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Chiara Di Cillo graduated in architecture specializing in design and, just one year ago, she founded her brand of smiling bags called Portatelovunque. We are talking about circle-shaped bags that can be also worn as backpacks and are mostly made using recycled wetsuits. Let’s meet Chiara to better know what is the idea behind her project!

What does it mean to be a designer today?

To me it means designing useful yet beautiful products. Aesthetics is nothing without function. When designing, my starting point is the everyday life and I always try to find a way to create products that are people’s companions. If you cannot use a product it is not good design.

How did you come up with the idea of Portatelovunque?

I had the idea at the university. It was my last exam and a friend of mine gave me 10 old wetsuits. I started to think how to use all that neoprene and what product would have been the most useful for an urban trotter like me. That’s how I started to design a special bag that could have also been transformed into a backpack and a picnic towel set. I really wanted to create a useful and versatile product, able to make my life easier.  

What are the strengths of a Portatelovunque bag?

First of all the resistance. The bags that come from former wetsuits are in neoprene, a material that is 100% waterproof, elastic, and is able to maintain a constant temperature. You can use the bags even to carry on your lunch and beverages. Double-side zippers, custom built for me, allow you to change the two fabric discs the bags consist of. In such a way, you can change the look of a bag without buying a new one. Last, but not least, a Portatelovunque bag is unique in its own (there are no two pieces alike) and is ethically produced.

Which one of your products should be under the Christmas tree?

There is a brand new product in the family: a bottle bag. However, it is not only a Christmas gift because it can be reused during the whole year. New product, old, good concept!

Photo credits: Marco Lausi

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