ChattyFeet: no more boring socks

What if your feet could talk? It all started when at a friends’ gathering Gil lifted his feet in the air and asked ‘What if my socks could talk, like a sock puppet?’. Soon this came true thanks to the playful minds of Gil Kahana and Humberto de Sousa. The brand ChattyFeet humorous socks was born.

Since its launch in 2012, the mission has been to add more fun to the lives of the people that wear ChattyFeet socks. You cannot resist them! They are extraordinarily soft and super comfy (they are made of combed cotton) and every pair of socks has a different character and name. Girls, would you like to feel glamorous today? No problem, wear La Diva. Would you rather feel elegantly sophisticated like Kate Middleton? Why not wear Kate Middle-Toe then? Whereas, if you boys are in a scientific mood, you can opt for Albert Einstoe or Stephen Toeking. There is one to suit every fancy. Depending on your mood and feelings, you can choose the socks that best match your personality at that specific moment. It’s like having an alter ego. And for the little ones? No worries, there is a mini version of every pair. Children love ChattyFeet as well!

The designers behind ChattyFeet are inspired by art and science and, currently, there are about 30 characters you can choose from. But wait… new collections are on the horizon and the best way to get to know about them is to subscribe to the ChattyFeet newsletter. A single pair of socks or a gift set? That is the dilemma. Whether you want to buy only one pair or reward yourself and your beloved ones with a gift set, this is no problem at all. Say goodbye to boring socks! Wear a pair of these cheery and quirky designs and put them in your dresser. They will rock (or even revolutionize) your world.

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