The Winter Issue is out!

After three months of hard work, I am really proud to introduce our new special issue. To me, there is no better way to present it than sharing its very first page, which hosts the editor’s note with all the juicy tips to go through the e-book. At the end of this text you’ll find the button to download your copy. Happy reading!

The Design Pot Winter Issue

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In 2010 scientists cracked the riddle proving that the chicken came first. Well… in our case, the contents of the Winter Issue (our special “eggs”) came first and the main topic (The indie side of design) only later on.

We just reverted the creative process, starting from the contents we really wanted to be part of the Winter Issue. We were looking for real indie projects to warm up the coldest season of the year with their energy, the one of the new beginnings.

We were looking for unconventional projects, unlimited curiosity for design and travel, unique design products to give you non-mainstream hints for Christmas shopping.

The Design Pot Winter IssueWe scouted new creative businesses that intertwine craftsmanship and traditional design in a contemporary way, bringing together talents from the four corners of the world.

This new e-book is richer than the first one released on July 2016 and, although confirming its peculiar cosmopolitan approach and talent hunter character, it also provides you with plenty of practical tips and how-to-contents.

Flick through the pages of the new Issue and discover the indie, soulful side of design!

Cheers to the upcoming festive season.


  1. Il 21 dicembre è online la mia intervista sul magazine The design pot! - ✎ elisa ansuini ✎

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