Design shopping in Milan: Brandstorming store

Real travelers know that even the most crowded and well-known areas of a city can keep hidden treasures. We found a gem worth visiting during a recent trip to Milan. It is called Brandstorming and is a concept store in the heart of Navigli area.

The store is meant to be a design map of Italy. Indeed, all the showcased designers, artisans, and artists are Italian and represent almost all the Italian regions. The result? A gallery in which you can find design products for all tastes mainly made recycling or re-adapting former objects. When we visited the shop, we were lucky enough to have an architect as our guide. We listened carefully to the stories behind the projects, making our personal selection of the most interesting ones. Jot down some notes, you might find them useful for Christmas shopping. If you are in need for home accessories to refresh your place, have a look at the wooden objects made by CromArtica. They are handmade curved and available in different, pleasant colours. We particularly loved the Fuoco lamp and the Maroso bookends.

For design lovers with a knack for furniture, we suggest to take a tour of the area at the left of the store entrance. Kings and queens here are tables, madie, and small pieces of furniture halfway between art and design. There are some pieces called “Pupazzi” that are made by very creative carpenters from Narni – La Quercia ventuno. The area dedicated to jewellery is well refurbished and can count on whimsical necklaces and earrings such as the ones made by Studio Zero Vetro from Tuscany. Living together on the same shelf you can also find necklaces made of coloured floating hooks for fishing (designer: Giovanni Scafuro). Creativity has no boundaries! Last, but not least, a suggestion for all of you who are in love with versatile and multifunctional fashion accessories. ANIMAdVERTE is a young brand producing vegetable tanned leather bags that are foldable into flat packagings. This characteristic makes the bags perfect for travelers in need for an extra bag. 

Photo credits: Valeria Crescenzi

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