Fill your home with things that make you happy: Eclectic style

Minimalism is great but it is simply not made for everyone. Have you been trying to keep your home as simple and clean as possible but keep finding yourself being attracted to bold statement pieces? Maybe you’re just not the minimal type. If you have fun playing around with colours, styles and shapes the Eclectic style might be the way to go.

Eclecticism hardly ever constituted a specific style, it is rather the mixture of elements of different styles to create something new and original. For this kind of style, you can mix and match vintage pieces, DIYs, design classics and even splurge a little with flashy objects and shiny materials. Sounds fun? It is! Just make sure to stick to some simple tricks so your home doesn’t look like belonging to a crazy person. Important thing is, no matter how different pieces are because they somehow swing together and create a harmony. The most simple way to do it is by choosing similar colours. Simply sticking to a specific colour scheme can bring together objects that differ widely in style and shape.

A little more advanced way to give an eclectic touch to your home is choosing similar shapes. You can, for instance, hang on the ceiling lamps from different eras, styles, and materials – if all of them have strong silhouettes and roughly the same proportions. They can work wonderfully together. In other words, the style’s secret here is repetition. Look for opportunities to create parallels and your Arne Jacobsen chair, your flea market coffee table and your handmade vases from pottery class will start having an interesting conversation. To tie all the elements together it is also helpful sticking to some neutrals, for example regarding the wall colour, carpets, and drapes. The key for the eclectic style is to create a room that is creative but not chaotic. What is so wonderful about this style is that your home will look like no other. There are plenty of stylish and cool apartments out there but none of them has your unique personality. With this in mind: fill your home with things that make you happy.

Photo credits: The Selby

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