Connect the dots. Why I started a magazine

It’s all about connecting the dots”. It always has been. Since the primary school, my teachers taught me to “think wide” and not to “think inside the box”.

They taught me to connect information, subjects and different topics. They encourage me to critically understand them, finding a personal point of view in what was happening around me. I was lucky. I had good teachers and I have to thank them once more, especially now that I am running a magazine.

Maybe is not a coincidence that I am having these thoughts in September, the month in which a new year starts, and not only for the students. When I came back from my summer break, I started to deeply think about why I started a magazine. Why am I spending the 200% of my time and energy on an editorial project that has so many competitors? Why, when failures happen, I don’t quit? Because some days is really hard to guide the ship out there. And there is no special recipe to grow your magazine the right way. There is just your way, with all the virtues and vices.

And again, that voice inside me whispers: “it’s all about connecting the dots”. I explain things better. To me, the dots are talented people, creative projects, design objects, events and fairs, exhibitions… the more I discover the more I’d like to know. And the more I know the more I connect.

→ There is an interesting article here about being able to make connections and how it fuels creative thinking

This personal characteristic was put into the project since the very beginning. I didn’t know that a while back, but today the articles you can find on The Design Pot can prove that. So, from a personal trait, it turned into a magazine’s feature. Do you know those dot-to-dot puzzles? At the beginning, all the dots have apparently no meaning at all. But if you take a pencil and start connecting all of them you will soon have a specific shape. It takes time to get the whole picture, but a magazine is like that. It is both container and content. It is a pot and a network. And I like to think about The Design Pot as a sort of incubator both for the designers we talk about and the people who contribute to it. They are both fundamental dots of the same sparkling puzzle. And, above all, they create value. 


  1. Alessandra

    ciao Valeria! stavo leggendo il tuo post e un piccolo dubbio è nato: il testo nell’immagine dove ora leggo “conntect the dots” è un typo o proprio un gioco di parole voluto? volevo segnalarlo, così in caso fosse un errore puoi correggerlo 🙂 ciao e in bocca al lupo!

    1. Valeria Crescenzi

      Ciao Alessandra! Grazie della segnalazione: è un typo, anche se in effetti potremmo candidarlo a neologismo 🙂 Prepariamo una nuova immagine. Grazie di essere passata di qui e crepi il lupo!

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