Life in yellow

This article is our special way to say goodbye to the summer and be ready for the new season. It is also the first article of a brand new category of content on The Design Pot. We decided to call it “Colours” because − on a weekly basis − we are going to share inspiring pictures from Instagramers, designers and illustrators who play with the colours in a very imaginative way. It is an homage to their creativity and, at the same time, a source of inspiration for you when decorating your home and workplace.

The colour of the day is: PANTONE PMS 102.

From Instagram: We could say that the mission of Marko Morciano, the founder of @Ayellowmark project, is seeing the life in yellow. Everything started with a hashtag on Instagram (#ayellowmark) in 2014 and now the project gathers together a community of more than 25.000 followers. And a lot of collaborations with well-known brands.

Selected designers (from left to right): ABC Plates by Ilaria Innocenti; Acapulco Chair by Boqa; Solar Opposite rug by Andrew Ludick.

The Design Pot

Illustrator: Veronica Grech (Spain) From left to right – Tennis, Yellow raincoat, Anchor.

The Design Pot

Photo credits: ayellowmark, Ilaria Innocenti, Boqa, Andrew Ludick, Veronica Grech

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