MINIARTEXTIL 2016 preview

MINIARTEXTIL is an annual international exhibition of contemporary art showing the best in textile art. For the 2016 edition the theme is “To wave dreams” and the exhibition will showcase the works of 54 artists coming from all over the world.

“We would like to drive artists’ attention to the manual skills of creating fiber artworks. Everybody is invited to realise a dream, to make a wish, to weave hopes”, said the organizers. The idea is to rediscover an ancient tradition such as weaving interpreting it in a more contemporary way. Waiting for the exhibition’s opening, the organizers decided to anticipate the works of some of the artists and we are very glad to share them with you.

The central aisle of the former Church of San Francesco will be reinterpreted by the art collective Numen/For Use that will give life to an installation called TAPE. For the first time visitors will be invited to interact with the artwork, touching and literally living it. The beautiful Villa Bernasconi in Cernobbio will host an installation made by the American artist Crystal Wagner. She usually creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms mixing together different materials that give life to “riot-of-colors-installations”. Last, but not least, the textile sculptor Thomas De Falco will coordinate a group of actors in a performance to welcome the public to the opening of MINIARTEXTIL on 1st October.


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