Kids can be any color they want: Happy Friday clothes

This is the very first time that we talk about a brand that produces clothes for kids. And the main reason why we chose to write about Happy Friday is because of its fresh and optimistic approach to kids fashion (and, specifically, to girls fashion).

Joyful, hip and colorful are the three adjectives that came into our mind when we started flicking through the pages of the lookbook. The brand is super young (launched only 6 months ago) and it is run by a creative head based in London and a co-founder and Head of Product based in Manila, where the production takes place. This is not fast fashion. Collections are timeless, with Japanese/Scandinavian touch and plain lines and present quirky and fresh colors and patterns. All the fabrics are locally sourced in Manila and are designed to last over the seasons. Moreover, they started experimenting with illustrated pieces and accessories such as the ones included in the latest collection Kita x HF, a one-off collaboration with artist Kita.

Dress tees, dresses, leggings, skirts, tops… the offer is very variegated and emphasizes the natural beauty of kids. “Kids are kids, they are beautiful in their own way”, said the co-founder. If you have a look at their website you can see that kids have no makeup at all. This is not a secondary aspect, especially in a world that often treat them as if they were adults. There are a lot of fashion brands around the world but not so many of them promote very positive values such as Happy Friday does. We think this makes the difference. It’s not only a matter of making beautiful and contemporary clothes. A brand has also the responsibility to spread good values through its products. In this specific case, Happy Friday creates age-appropriate clothes and wants to boost the self-confidence of its little customers, conveying the message that clothes are kind of an extension of girls’ personalities. And all the clothes are very affordable in terms of prices… fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to be valuable.

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