Fausto Montanari, when the sea is a friend

Minimal art, geometric lines and colors: a beautiful work about neatness. Is there anybody out there who doesn’t love the sea?

Well, to Fausto Montanari it’s something more than a source of inspiration… it’s like an old friend. The illustrator comes from Genoa, one of the largest cities on the Mediterranean Sea but he wants to make clear: “It’s not only a bond with my hometown but with the many seas I’ve seen in my all life so far”. He loves the calmness and at the same time the vehemence and strength of the sea. Fausto has just moved to New York where he is looking for new inputs for his projects. The ocean, no doubts, will be a perfect frame for his inspiration. The limitless desire of traveling and exploring new places makes it for him impossible to work sitting at a desk. In addition to the usual Illustrator and Photoshop, Procreate on the iPad is the favorite tool for him to move every day in a different location, thus defending his freedom. Even though Fausto was born as a graphic designer, initially working as a 3D modelers and art director, it took him some time to understand that his true passion was to drawn and put his ideas into colors. This particular research reminds us of the personal story of Giovanna Giuliano.

Minimal art is a constant trait of Fausto Montanari style: here a few lines are enough to define the geometry of a concept. “Friendship” is a perfect example where the symbol of the infinite resembles a rubber dinghy. Triangles and cuboids are all that you need to generate a “city on the sea” where the colors melted in a play of shadows. The surprise, however, is the dip in the depths of the ocean with the illustration “under the sea” animated by mysterious creatures, colorful fishes and dark caves. Only a few years ago Fausto was used to saying he believed in monsters. Today he is still a believer because even monsters can be full of colors. “My artistic path reminds me a messy room: the only way to survive is to put it in order, cleaning up the lines and tidying up the shades”.

Photo Credits: Fausto Montanari

Official website: www.faustomontanari.it

Fausto Montanari social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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