Memobottle: the water bottle that is not round

It’s getting really hot in most parts of the Northern hemisphere and with the temperatures outdoors starting to increase, it’s the right moment to present the memobottle – the slim-lined, environmentally friendly (made from recycled plastic), not round reusable water bottle.

The memobottle was created by Jesse Leeworthy & Jonathan Byrt, who grew up together on a coastal town in Victoria, Australia. Jesse is a highly renowned Product Design Engineer whose passion for the environment and simple functional design is evident in his work. Jonathan has great mind for business and passion for innovation. The memobottle was born from the ecological concern of the two founders for the waste of single use plastic bottles. However, how to create an ecological bottle that would fit into laptop and carry bags perfectly? The memobottle was hence designed in a such way to optimize transportation and functionality. Indeed, “the memobottle fits where other bottles don’t.

But why does it have a paper format? The design of the memobottle indeed recalls the international paper sizes. It imitates a paper sheet to slide inside carry bags with your laptop, books, notebook or tablet. The name memobottle originates from this concept. Simply ingenious! The bottle is only 3 cm wide. Only the sizes A5 and A6 are currently available. The A5 memobottle holds 750 ml, is ideal for travelling and stacks perfectly with your paperwork. Whereas the A6 memobottle holds 375 ml, fits in your pocket and is great for jogging. Have you ever wanted to just drop your water bottle into your bag and go explore the world? Interesting to know, each memobottle comes in a gift recycled cardboard packaging and with memobooklet. But, readers, stay tuned. Something great is being implemented and some new things will be available later this year.

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