Giovanna Giuliano and the importance of silence

Giovanna Giuliano never underestimates the power of listening. In fact, most of the characters she draws are without the mouth. Keep reading to discover her approach to illustration.

I’m an optimistic person, I believe in people and, in my opinion, the simple act of listening to someone brings a change. The lack of listening is our biggest problem in communication. I’m looking for the perfect way to represent the importance of silence”, she says. “People on Fb” and “Ecodeath are two illustration series that will surely make you embrace her point of view. The listening and the reading seem to be the key activities in her work and we totally appreciate the “Books” sketches with that unique sense of comfort from home relaxing. Giovanna is based in Trieste (Italy), she finished her studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice and in the last years is mainly focusing on editorial illustration. She likes to draw “new colors, shapes and perspectives”. “Years ago I was obsessed with finding my own style” but now she knows that “when you’ve got a story to tell, the style will develop by itself”.

Giovanna Giuliano was not afraid to get her hands dirty, working with acrylics on paper, until she started drawing using a graphic tablet and today she creates almost everything using the Adobe Photoshop software. And if you wonder where the inspiration comes from, the answer lies in the following inspiring people: Dudovich, Jean Julien, Vincent Mahè, Malika Favre, Roman Muradov, Gwen Keraval. But, most of the times inspiration comes from the everyday life. In her way of looking at what surrounds us, the imagination flies and objects like a picture, the textile pattern of a bag, the odd socks of her son, the leaves of a plant… can all be sources of inspiration. Nature is a very recurring topic in her production but even though she loves plants – especially the agave, the pearl of Nuremberg and the small cactus – she does not have a green thumb. But it doesn’t really matter because Giovanna draws plants with a great sense of reality.

Photo credits: Giovanna Giuliano

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