How does an article for The Design Pot come into life?

Hi there. After writing about The Design Pot magazine as a whole, I thought it was time to start sharing something more specific about our job. And I decided to start with telling you how an article for The Design Pot comes into the world. Usually, you read the final feature: a piece of 350 words that requires approximately 2.5 minutes to be read. It is a short dive into the world of a designer, a moment for you to read positive stories, understand what is behind the final products and choose in a more conscious way.

The Design Pot online magazine

But did you ever ask yourself how we choose the designers to talk about? How much time writing the text requires? Or what kind of information we highlight?

Keeping up with the design scene is not easy. There are a lot of new projects coming up every day. So, the first steps are researching, reading a lot, surfing the web and taking part into design events. The latest ones are the best occasions to meet new talents in person.

The Design Pot online magazine

The research and selection phase is at the basis of all the articles and, after that, we always interview the designers. A chat over a coffee or a skype call helps us better understand the work of the designer, finding an interesting, informative angle to tell you the story.

The Design Pot online magazine

We have some basic rules: we only write about emerging talents (on average with no more than 5 years of experience) and we talk about projects that add value to our everyday life, contributing to develop a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. We talk about good design, products with purpose, brilliant ideas and thoughtful projects.

As you can see, the selection of the designers comes from a personal research and the respect of The Design Pot core values. Stories have a positive angle because we chose to talk about projects we love, highlighting the human side and the behind-scene-information of those projects. 

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Coming back to the process of creating an article, the final steps are writing the text and upload all the photos for the gallery. Before going online, there is also an editing phase, a very precious moment to check if everything is correct and make some final adjustments.

The Design Pot online magazine

The contributors prepare one article per month. Since The Design Pot follows the principles of  slow journalism, I preferred to set up a slower publication frequency and give the contributors the right, sustainable amount of time to prepare their articles. Quality is better than quantity and I believe that a happy contributor writes more beautiful stories. In fact, each writer can choose the topic and autonomously manage the interview and the writing phases. I only give them the green light about their suggestions just to be sure that those suggestions fit the editorial guidelines. Going slow is also a good approach for you as readers. I think that we are living in an era of “infobesity” and we should slow down a bit, carving out some quality time for our readings.

I hope this post helps you better understand the energy and the dedication behind each single content we publish. We have no physical office at the moment but it’s a pleasure to open the doors of our digital workplace for you. If you are a wannabe TDP contributor have a look at our call. 

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