Enchanting coconut lamps for your home: SKURA Design

Coconut has many uses ranging from food to cosmetics. Coconut’s versatility is well known across the world so as the coconut tree is often called “the tree of thousand uses”. Today, thanks to the Lithuanian brand SKURA Design, we are going to discover its usage as a fascinating material to create lamps.  

Everything starts with coconut shells in excess. Once the shells with the best shape are chosen, they are decorated with elaborated patterns realized by Neringa, the jewellery designer behind all the lamps. “I think the most complex phase is the creation of the pattern: it can take from one day to several weeks due to the fact that every coconut is different in size and form.” This characteristic influences the look of the patterns that are directly made on coconut without any prior sketches. This step is the first one of a production process that involves three craftsmen. While Neringa is working on the decoration, the other collaborators prepare brass connection parts (specifically designed for the lamps) and turn plywood bases. The wiring and assembly phases are made by Neringa after each single element of a lamp is ready. Lately, the production process has been improved but at the very beginning, there were some unpleasant moments. “My palm used to hurt a lot because of the constant holding of the coconut shells. My eyes were tired almost all the time, but now everything works fine. I started to enjoy a different side of coconut drilling – it’s like meditation.”

A very creative and sustainable one. Sustainability has, in this project, a broader meaning. It means using material in excess, producing only upon request and in a slow way. It means using a natural material that is long-lasting and ages very well. “Nature is my second home, it is amazingly important to me”, said Neringa during the interview. Nature should be respected and protected and it should have a place in our homes. The urban and nature worlds shouldn’t be separated by locked doors. At SKURA Design they are working on new lighting fixtures and lamps. There is a lot going on and soon you can see the results of this period of experimentation.

Photo credits: SKURA Design, Linas Mazonas

Official website: www.skuradesign.com

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