Change is the only constant: Daphne Zuilhof

Daphne Zuilhof idea of design is based on the consideration that change is always more often the only constant in our modern lives. The way we live, calls for adaptable and interactive products, furniture and accessories. And if they are also able to engage with us and prop our creativity, is even better.

The work of Daphne Zuilhof puts a special accent on creating small pieces of furniture that have a high degree of adaptability. For instance the stool Spin, part of the “Negative project”, is a very flexible, foldable stool that relates with the space around it in an exploratory way. The structure is the stool itself and it takes only 3 playful steps to be unfolded. Interacting with the objects that populate our homes or offices lead often to the activation of behavioural triggers. The relationship between the object and the user is the focus of other creations by Daphne. It is the case of the assembly series in which all the components can be combined to form different seats and tables. Acrylic surfaces and wooden frames are the main elements of this game: juxtaposing them, people can play with the form, the reflections of the materials due to the light, giving the space different settings without changing the furniture. It is a long-term relationship with a twist.

In all the projects developed by Daphne so far, emerges a keen interest in the process beyond the final result. We use to look at the final product without knowing what is behind it. But designing is a trial and error process in which failing is an important part of developing the right design for the user, and it is a beautiful process on its own. All this was on the basis of an exhibition at Cascina Cuccagna in Milan in which Daphne took part with some of her pieces. She is now working on room dividers that will allow you to create your own space or change it according to your needs. Stay tuned to know more and visit Daphne website to find out where to buy her products.

Photo credits: Vytautas Kumža, Daphne Zuilhof

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