The ancestral innovation of Studio Tramas

When design involves a personal touch, the experience of beauty is more powerful. In such a way a design object stops being only a mere decorative element becoming an object with a soul. Let’s meet Studio Tramas to know more about this approach to design.

We met an architect who told us about the ancestral link between his land and the inhabitants. We really loved the ideas of Studio Tramas team, formed by friends who decided to create a professional studio based in Cagliari (Sardinia). They are the engineer Gabriele Aramu, the developer Andrea Montaldo and the architect Mauro Soddu. Their mission is “to promote the culture of quality.” We totally enjoyed the special attention to the sustainability of DiViDi, a portable separate waste system that helps people recycling also when outdoor. This special cardboard box contains four trash bags that allow people to differentiate waste in a very easy manner. We find this project a useful and beautiful one and it plays an important role in taking care of the planet.

Looking at the Studio Tramas catalog, it is impossible not to notice Yaya, a lamp born in Milan but with an eye toward home, because it reminds of the Sardinian matriarchal figure. Mauro Soddu explains to us: “Yaya, Sardinian for grandmother, reminds us of the ancestral past, maintaining a contemporary design lexicon in which the wool represents the purity of both structure and lines.” It goes beyond the traditional idea of a light fixture, “It is something intimate and the bedroom is its perfect place. Turned on when reading a book or turned off, in both occasions is always a good companion.” The process of making this LED lamp took a year and it was based on eliminating all the ornaments in contrast to the decorations of the typical Sardinian custom. “The structure has five iron rods suitably curved and the lower part is a wool yarn, colored with natural dyes (available in eight colors). The upper part can be customized using three different materials: coarse wool, jute and hemp.” To us, it is the perfect union between tradition and innovation.

Photo credits: Cedric Dasesson

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