Compact living, but with style: Nathalie Dackelid

Nathalie Dackelid is going to graduate in Wood Oriented Furniture Design at HDK in 10 days, and she already developed some pretty interesting furniture prototypes.

Despite her young age, Nathalie Dackelid has a clear vision about the kind of products she loves to create and we are pretty sure they are going to make the lives of many people a lot easier. Just think about her wooden cloth, born during the second year of the bachelor when she was working on the theme “survival”. Nathalie was specifically working on the concept of compact living and she wanted to make adjustable furniture that you can easily carry with yourself. The extendable table she made, is based on a system inspired by the origami technique. Its top is foldable and the wooden batons glide on a structure which lengthens the table of the exact amount needed. You can definitely say goodbye to those old extendable tables that attempt on your hands’ life when trying to pull out the extension part. And you can also say goodbye to that bigger table you usually hide in the basement and that lives only when friends come over to your place. The wooden cloth is adaptable in its sizes and it is a brilliant piece of furniture that is extremely practical and long-lasting.

Following the path traced by the wooden cloth, Nathalie also created an accordion stool that is the perfect “add-on” of the table. It reinforces the brief of the table itself born from the idea that there is always space for another person. The stool and even its cushion can be extended only when needed. Both those functional pieces of furniture are only prototypes for the moment and they were created using local wood, “the prettiest material in the world because sustainable, alive and naturally beautiful” as Nathalie said. Paul Rand once said “design is so simple that is why it is so complicated” and products like the ones Nathalie makes seem to be super easy to design. But behind this illusory simplicity, there are a lot of hours spent working on cardboard models, small-scale prototypes, woodworking… and knowing the effort put in the making of adds value to the final product. Nathalie is a very promising designer and she is ready to take flight. We close with a breaking news: she is going to exhibit at Tent London next September. Don’t miss it!  

Photo credits: Steven Polak, Clémence Lam and Nathalie Dackelid

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