Oitenta: design, low-tech innovation and craft

Dreamer, visionary, ambitious and passionate learner, Rafael Fernández Sánchez was born to design objects. The 36 years old product and graphic designer from A Coruña has always wanted to invent things. Oitenta, a brand that unifies design and craft, was founded in 2009 and has undergone several phases since then.

Rafael likes to design items for people’s daily life, which are useful, creative in a unique way (with the Oitenta style) and that have good quality. In fact, Rafael thinks that good design is the one that combines all those things”. Key aspects are enjoying the creation process and the freedom to design what he wants. He lets people decide if the product is good or bad“I like the concept of low-tech innovation, using creativity and materials at my disposal to create new things”, states Rafael. Experimenting and out of the box combinations are essential to Oitenta. Rafael uses wood, concrete and every other material that lends itself to his work and keeps developing new techniques.

The Oitenta collection includes daily life objects, small pieces of furniture and home accessories. For instance, the stable, simple in style ST table lamps hide an elaborate crafting process. They are made of chestnut wood through the technique of steam bending and they also offer customization possibilities. The Noia table is a tribute to both vintage school desks and the traditional piece of bakery furniture called “Artesa”. It is the first of a series of products Rafael intends to create (desk for children and adults, cabinet). It is foldable and has a rope so that it can be carried as if it was a bagAnd if you don’t like something, do not worry, the “let’s design it together” feature exists for people who want some customization. According to Rafael, people like to be involved in the creation process. “They know what they want, even if they are not able to find it or explain it”. Moreover, the Oitenta online shopping experience is something that Rafael keeps always in mind by creating products that are easy to buy online and deliver worldwide.

Photo credits: Rafael Fernández Sánchez

Official website: www.oitenta.com

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