Mar Cerdà magic paper dioramas

Scissors, paper and watercolors: how many times did we spend the days of our childhood this way? The luckiest, and the talented ones, didn’t stop using those creative tools also during adulthood and started to give life to tiny paper miracles. Spanish artist Mar Cerdà has got this kind of inspiration and we are totally excited about her works inspired by Wes Anderson movies.

Her dioramas are simply breathless and it’s beautiful to imagine how the paper becomes three-dimensional iconic models of movie sets, perfect scene reproductions got by miniaturizing, water coloring and cutting each single piece of illustrated paper. Mar Cerdà told us about her cinema and audiovisual studies with a specialization in art direction, that emphasizes her fascination for scenography and the usage of space. Her journey into cinema is meticulous and started when “the 2D wasn’t enough” – and so she “started cutting paper creating a little 3D house”. The sense of theatre and the use of the frontal view are the secrets of her illustrations. Talking about symmetry, is there a better choice than Wes Anderson? We strongly recommend the series of miniature dioramas inspired by The Darjeeling Limited, such as her version of the passenger car or Margot’s bathroom scene from The Royal Tenenbaums, but also the accuracy of the details in The Grand Budapest Hotel reproduction.

Movies aren’t the only inspiration. Mar Cerdà loves the architectures of every city, in particular, doors and windows because “they humanize the buildings”. Walking by the streets is a constant source of energy as well as TV and museums and she revealed us a secret: “I’m tempted to cut and reproduce all that I see into little pieces. I have a huge list of movies that I would like to recreate and a bunch of places where I’ve been that I would fit in some little boxes”. If you liked the story of Mar Cerdà and you would like to see some of her pieces in person she is right now taking part in a group exhibition at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.

Photo credits: Mar Cerdà

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