Nevena Katalina emotional illustrations

Dreamy. Geometric. Abstract. Three adjectives that sharply define the illustrations Nevena Katalina creates. The 26 years old graphic designer and illustrator from Banja Luka (Bosnia & Herzegovina) started to draw when she was only 6.

Illustrating is something very natural for Nevena, it is a way to create her own personal space, sometimes really focused on herself and some others populated by people and experiences of her everyday life. A good idea, paper, pens, a graphic tablet and a computer are all she needs to create a new illustration. More specifically, the entire creative process involved the use of only three tools: paper, pen ink and Adobe Illustrator. The rest? It is all about finding the right inspiration. Speaking of it, Nevena is a visual person so, potentially, everything around her is a new drawing or the very beginning of an illustration project. “Most of my illustrations come from my dreams. I think it is interesting to explore time and space dimensions, pushing yourself to some paths you never explored yet”. This approach can be very challenging but it allows Nevena to go beyond the barriers.

We carefully studied her portfolio, choosing to focus on the portrait series Camouflage. In creating this series Nevena mixed together female and male silhouettes with architectural backgrounds. Depending on the portrait, the silhouette seems to be cropped from the background becoming a sort of relief sculpture. On the contrary, in other illustrations the silhouette is barely perceptible, such as a shadow that reflects itself on the background. These illustrations are part of a research Nevena did about people’s emotions. They are proper emotional explosions… “I want to make viewers look at them and say ‘wow I am feeling this’.” This intention explains why the portraits are abstract ones, and full of unexplainable architectural spaces. Nevena is already working on a couple of projects she is very proud of and is dreaming about organizing her first solo exhibition. Have a look at Nevena Katalina Behance profile to find out more about new projects ahead.  

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