How everything started: a brief story of The Design Pot

[bctt tweet=”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu “]

When I started this editorial project I was sitting down in the kitchen of my place nearby Rome and was February 2013. I opened a blog on WordPress naming it “Più colore, meno tailleur” with the only wish to talk about designers I love. At that time, I didn’t know yet that it was the first step of a big change both in my private and professional lives. After a year and a half, the blog got a new name – “The Design Pot” – and had its first logo designed by Margherita Gaffarelli, our Art Director.


Meanwhile, I moved to Switzerland and I started to explore the local design scene. I met a lot of interesting creatives and also a special person who would become the first contributor (now Deputy Editor) to the project: Katja Nuorvala. Together with her and Margherita we jumped in a new era for The Design Pot, starting to look for contributors and giving a new internal structure to the whole project.

The summer of 2015 meant a lot to us: 3 contributors joined the magazine, bringing new ideas and fresh energy. Now, after some internal changes, the team is made of 6 professionals who are based both in Switzerland and Italy. The magazine speaks English and uses to travel the world looking for independent designers and creatives.


As a gift for its third birthday (time flies sooooo fast!) The Design Pot got a brand new website with an integrated blog made by the Web Developer Andra.


I am so proud of it. It’s been a great teamwork! To give life to the new website we needed to think profoundly about our core values, principles, goals, readership… and we had so many ideas that sometimes was a bit difficult take decisions. But here we are and we are ready to write a new chapter of this professional adventure!


[bctt tweet=”The world is full of amazing projects and their stories are waiting to be told.”]

March and April are traditionally the months of Spring and news are still blossoming. First of all the team has now a Digital Strategist and Web Marketing Specialist, Simona, and the magazine is media partner of a special event in Milan, TFP Live!

These steps are only the first ones of a journey that I hope will be fruitful, creative and long-lasting. Running a magazine is not trivial but is a very interesting challenge. There is a lot of work behind the virtual pages you read and sometimes can be tough: situations change, people change and competition can be hard. But thank you this job we can meet a lot of people and we have the chance to grow with them, to learn from them. There is no better way to evolve than mutual confrontation. That is why we open this space: the blog will host posts about how to start and run a magazine and what does it mean being digital creative professionals today.


Valeria and The Design Pot team


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