It’s doodle mania with “I Cosini”

Debora Torriani has graduated in visual communications at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI). She is the creative mind behind “I Cosini”, a series of drawings.

She spends most of her free time and weekends like this: daydreaming. With her drawings she unleashes the creativity in excess that she cannot use when at work. “I Cosini” are difficult to define: their name originates from “Cosi” (in Italian), which means “thingies”, little beings. “I Cosini” were born when Debora was at school, they are the result of all the scribbling all over her cardboard folders… one folder after the other. “It’s like scribbling all over the paper while you are at the phone”, explains Debora. She simply lets herself be carried away by thoughts and moments, she takes the pen and starts drawing. The inspiration comes from her daily life and from her favourite artists’ artworks.

She sometimes starts with a sketch using a pencil to roughly define the character and then she adds other details by ink. Some other times she draws directly by ink and, if she makes a mistake, she tries to transform it into something interesting. Last October Debora tried something different: every day she made a spot, which she then transformed into funny characters. The result? 31 special and fun characters. Debora affirms that “I Cosini” have changed since the beginning and they will keep changing both in style and drawing technique as they are deeply connected to Debora’s life, emotions and experiences. So… they will keep evolving. “I Cosini” are printed on bags, pillows, wall clocks, smartphone covers, t-shirts just to mention a few objects. You can found them online on society6, the famous artistic shop of  which Debora herself is one of the most loyal customers.

Photo credits: Debora Torriani

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