A journey into movies with Jesús Prudencio

Cars and Films means diving into a fantastic, minimal world of the illustrator Jesús Prudencio, the graphic designer and illustrator behind these iconic prints. Cars from popular movies become an homage to famous vehicles thanks to a clean perspective.

What is magic is the possibility to immediately recognize a movie by a single shot, a small portion of a car or a Vespa, if talking about Roman Holiday. Thanks to Prudencio, cars become the real stars of these reinterpreted classic movie posters. If we think that “minimum is maximum”, we probably agree that a car can be a memorable movie symbol, this is why Car and Films prints are narrative pictures. We like very much the Back to The Future poster where there is not Michael J. Fox nor Christopher Lloyd, because all we need is just the DeLorean and its flux capacitor! Earlier this week The Design Pot had an inspirational talk with the Spanish artist, discovering that the project was born after putting together two of Jesús passions: movies and cars. It seemed a good idea to mix them together to create a series of prints with cars as the common thread to all the posters. “I also wanted to have a playful layout in which the viewer has to guess the film based on a series of clues, such as the movie’s year of release. The first poster that I drew was the car in Pulp Fiction, a Chevrolet Nova 74, and this was the illustration that gave meaning to the entire series.”

There are many artists who use to be point of references for Jesús; among them, he really loves Saul Bass, Stanley Donwood, Olly Moss, Alex Trochut, Malika Favre, Peter Saville, but also painters such as Rothko and Basquiat… When we asked him to describe his style of illustration and the tools he uses, he said that the style can be defined as colorful and minimalist.For sketches I use pencil and paper, but I usually draw using Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom Tablet. Sometimes I use Photoshop to finish some drawings.” Jesús cannot work without music. Music inspires him. Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Joy Division, Nick Cave, The Velvet Underground, Wilco, Tom Waits… are only some of the musicians he loves and their album covers and music videos are always a source of inspiration for his works. Jesús is currently living in Sevilla (Spain). His illustrations have been published on Le Monde, GQ Japan and he worked with advertising agencies such as Bassat & Ogilvy, DDB Tandem, Arnold and Wunderman.

Photo Credits: Jesús Prudencio

Official website: www.behance.net/jesusprudencio

Jesús Prudencio social media channels: Facebook, Instagram

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