Welcome to the brand new The Design Pot website

After almost 4 months of hard work I am really proud to present the new TDP website and its integrated blog for which this is the very first post. As the Founder and Editor in Chief of TDP let me be your personal guide. Have a seat and let’s discover what’s new!

The Design Pot

Following the path traced from the previous version of the magazine, we created a homepage that is a visual digest of the latest articles. It doesn’t matter if you are reading from your computer, tablet or smartphone, the new layout allows you to immediately identify new contents and read them just in one click.

[bctt tweet=”Since we believe in good design, we tried to create the most delightful and enjoyable interface possible.”]

Reading an article is now easier as we opted for articles that are flexibly structured, depending on how much time you have. If you are in a rush, for instance, you can read the abstract while browsing the photo gallery and leave the deep dive for later. Each article is made of 350 words cleverly written and embraces designers’ creations that are pure inspiration for your home or office. All the articles on TDP will be weekly issued and are divided into 5 categories: design, artistic culture, fashion design, design events and travel.


The blog is intended for sharing know-how and expertise we earned during the first three years of activity (and that we are still gaining). We are going to talk about how an online magazine works, what are the professional profiles involved and the skills that are requested to contribute to projects like this. We are going to share our personal experiences and views and we invite you to share yours in a mutual dialogue. As Chrissy Scivicque once said in an article for Forbes, “Sharing expertise means inviting a new conversation. If you keep your eyes, ears, and mind open, you may learn something in the process as well.

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The other parts of the website are designed to host banners from partners, designers and friends who are advertising with us and that are relevant for you all. Our sidebar in the homepage will also host logos from projects and causes we support. Our tour is coming to an end: take your time to surf the new website.

See you soon,

Valeria and The Design Pot team

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