Design against the tide: Vito Nesta

Try, experiment, prototype. Try again, merge traditional production processes with current technologies and sources and you will have products with an extremely contemporary look but that are able to tell a story from long ago.

This is the “anti-design” of Vito Nesta, an Italian designer deeply fond to his roots and to artisanal know-how. His first collection, Sartoria, was a tribute to his grandmother craftsmanship and sewing tools and it contains single flower vases, candle holders, salt & pepper shakers, plates and other small pieces of furniture. Regardless of the collection, Vito’s approach to design is always inspired by the desire to embrace innovation respecting tradition. And this approach was the same as Luca Pennini and Nicola Caracciolo, founders of the brand Cadriano, showed him when they invited Vito to visit their TLG Legno factory.

It was love at first sight and they started to think to possible collaborations from the very first moment. The compatibility between Vito’s design principles and style and the enthusiasm, high-quality materials used and technical knowledge of wooden furniture of Luca and Nicola allowed them to create the “Vegetable collection”. Composed of tables and “madìe” (Italian for cupboards) in various sizes, the collection is an ode to natural beauty. It has a very cozy color palette that enhances the features of oak wood in which each piece is made. “Those furniture elements are built upon legs that are young, strong and growing stems. They retwist themselves in a harmonious way, showing a high level of elasticity like a bow”. The collection is designed to be durable, it is a statement in support of evergreen products able to last from generation to generation. This aspect is not only a practical one: it also has a strong emotional component and, in stating this, Vito’s childhood memories come back again… Vito, Luca and Nicola are already thinking about future collections, meanwhile, go visit Vito at his studio during the Milan Design Week and follow him on the social networks.

Photo credits: Alessandro Esposito

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