Long Silver Thread is synonym of meaningful jewelry

In the upside-down world lives and works a designer duo who creates silver jewelrywith meaning for everyday journeys”. Renchen and Zeno, whose brand is Long Silver Thread, have a strong connection with symbolism and all their pieces are designed keeping this in mind.

Maybe the reason why Long Silver Thread considers this aspect very important is because they have Asian roots and have grown up in cultures and traditions that find meaning and symbolism in the natural world. Natural elements are often at the basis of their creations, mostly rings made in solid sterling silver. It is the case of the Sea/Sky ring born from the explanation of the natural cycle of rain to their young daughter. This ring was designed by Renchen around that cycle and is a two-sided ring with one side showing the sea and the other the clouds.

Most of their inspiration comes from the everyday life but they are also interested in traditions of Shinto and Feng-Shui and “the most recent designs have drawn inspiration from traditional Tibetan Thangka paintings as well as from Japanese woodblock prints by Hiroshige and Hokusai”. Long Silver Thread style is a mix of all those inputs, coming from ancient traditions. Traditions are also reinforced by the use of a well-established material such as silver. They appreciate its understated look and the elegant aesthetic, as well as its capacity to age well and being perfect to be worn by all age groups. At Silver Thread don’t care too much about trends in the jewelry industry. Although they traced out that current trends are moving toward minimalist abstract/geometric design, they think that the best pieces are the ones that express their “singular vision and voice”. And this is the approach of small studios and independent jewellers. We couldn’t end this article is a better way than telling you what Renchen and Zeno believe about what design should be. It “should be a deeply personal and creative endeavour and each piece produced should leave behind an imprint of the designer”. We think that Long Silver Thread jewels really express this philosophy and we anticipate that a number of new rings will be available next March.

Photo credits: Long Silver Thread

Official website: www.longsilverthread.com

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