As if they were an architectural project: the INKI bags

Joana and Nelson, a couple living in Porto (Portugal) are the names behind the INKI project. They both have graduated in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of Lusíada University of Porto.

Joana and Nelson reinvented themselves by creating the INKI brand in 2014. However, the acquired architecture knowledge, concepts and creativity have not been lost, on the contrary, these are elements that are very much present in all their bags. The Portuguese brand “aims at bringing to the market a product that is at the same time innovative, exclusive and versatile”. Every bag is unique in terms of design, characteristics, colours and materials. Each bag expresses something different, and, according to the two architects and artists, “a double function, more than a double face, is an important characteristic of the INKI bags that fold and unfold, invent and reinvent and turn into beautiful and practical pieces to be used every day”.

All the creations are inspired by their previous education, experience and culture. Geometry is a fundamental element in their creation process. “Even unconsciously our creative process tends to be based on geometric shapes, simple lines, and the model often born by trying to turn those geometric shapes into three-dimensional models”, state Joana and Nelson. The bags are created “as if they were an architectural project”: it all starts with a sketch, followed by a plan and a drawn model, and then by the making of prototypes and design of three-dimensional objects to understand how all the bags’ components work together. The bags are made of organic cotton, nylon, denim and leather, acrylic and rope and they are all (except for the leather bags and the COC backpack) manufactured by hand and sewn using manual sewing machines. Currently, INKI entails 6 collections: SAKUSAKU 2X, GIZI, PIKI, KUBA and ARCHI. SAKU reminds of the popular and typical warehouses of the beaches in Costa Nova. It is a flexible solution for storing the necessary for your daily needs. Same concept but bigger for the collection SAKU 2X, the evolution of SAKU. It is a double face bag that can be used to carry whatever objects you want.

Inspired by the Musée du Louvre, the shape of the bag GIZI recalls the reflection in the water of the pyramid in front of the museum. Versatile and extravagant, it is perfect for informal and formal occasions. PIKI is a foldable bag that can be used for chilling out on the beach or on the grass. Fold and unfold it like an origami. KUBA is a cube shaped bag that can get new shapes. The bottom of the bag can turn into a clutch bag. In the ARCHI bag, you can find the elements of contemporary architecture. Its minimalist look is due to its colours, materials as well as a transparent handle. But where can you buy them? Online, at the Serralves Museum and at the Flowers Creative Concept Store in Porto city.

Photo credits: Joana and Nelson, INKI

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