The “human graphic novels” of Valerio Compagnone

At first look, it could be easily said that Valerio Compagnone is a son of the early twentieth-century avant-garde, but his visual research has only just begun. Let’s find out why.

After a few questions, he told us about an initially limited interest although he was enrolled in an Art High School Institute: “In five years I could manage to buy only three sketchbooks but then something happened”. The inspiration has literally blown up in pieces, that was the best thing that could happen to a collage lover.“I started with collages, but it was challenging to find the perfect balance between all the parts that make up that kind of artworks”. Today Valerio Compagnone illustrations are the result of a creative arrangement of lines, fractured objects and geometric shapes with a tiny bit of stylization and distortion. “I follow the flow of emotions and fears… I take inspiration from real life, I turn my own life into a work of art and a particular mood becomes a snapshot. How does it sound to illustrate our lives? It helps me to remember what happened, it is like writing a real graphic novel”. Writing a “human” graphic novel, it is not the only thing that interests him because he sees the collaboration as the natural first step of the creative process. In fact, in 2012, he filmed and created his first music video for the Italian band At The Weekends.

If you like geometric shapes based art we suggest you have a look at the t-shirts proudly made by Vector. Valerio is been living in Switzerland for two years and he does like the galleries and exhibition areas, either in a small town or in big cities. “Differently from ItalySwitzerland is a rich country that actually believes in art” and Valerio Compagnone has now more sources to be used for its creative growth. Don’t forget to follow him on the social networks (details in the box below).

Photo credits: Valerio Compagnone

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