Re-lab: in love with design

Valentina Mezzetti and Alessio Lattanzi, after years of friendship, decided “to put together their tools, the objects they found and start working on a picnic table in a ‘micro small’ room in Rome, giving birth to Re-Lab”.

This is the story that everyone can read on their website but we have met Valentina in order to know how a dream can come true. The whole objective of Re-Lab is “giving new meaning and function to those things that apparently no longer have one. A sense and a function that can be the same or completely different than the previous one, but still make them useful and alive one more time”. What she creates is in line with her way of being and, of course, with a place she wishes to be in harmony with; Valentina adds: “I hope that everyone can feel it”. One of the advantages of working with a friend is that roles are naturally set: if Alessio loves Art Deco, Valentina prefers the minimalist Nordic interior design style. In our opinion, their lamps collection deserves a special mention.

These elegant creations, made of recycled wooden pieces from carpenters’ workshops, seem to be the perfect lighting solution to create a flattering space. If it’s true that lighting enhances our houses, these lamps are right for the task, being it ambience, function or both. That is why the functionality of their products is a source of pride. Wood, that she defines as “warm, changeable, ancestral, durable and beautiful”, comes back to life, as well as hair dryers, coffee cups and paper. The design process starts from the need to give an added value and a new life to the objects. It’s not just something practical but a renaissance of the useless, it’s a new skin that can help slow the pace of consumerism, implementing sustainable lifestyles. “We do not work for money, we work to express ourselves. The dream is to live honestly doing what we love”. If you like Re-Lab, don’t forget to visit the official website and follow Valentina and Alessio on their social media accounts.

Photo credits: Re-Lab, Manrica Rotili

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