Designed to connect: Editamateria

The story of Editamateria is all about nurturing the noble art of connecting. Connecting know how with creativity, designers with artisans, Made in Italy products with international clients.

Editamateria is indeed not only a brand, but also a creative agency always looking for talented people, and it deeply believes in weaving networks. It has an Italian soul but is based in Tel Aviv and uses to talk with the far East, especially with China. The brand, born in 2014 thanks to an idea of Silvia Ariemma (Creative Director) and Rebecca Treves (Export Manager), produces high-end home accessories that born from the collaboration between Italian designers and craftsmen. The brand’s style is inspired by an exhibition Silvia Ariemma co-curated in 2012 during the Torino Design Week: “Wabi Sabi Italian slow design“. Wabi Sabi is based on the “acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” As all the products branded Editamateria. Each creation tells the story of the hands that manufactured it. Even going beyond, showing how the materials used (glass, ceramic and wood) can express all their potential thanks to the “skills of the excellence in artisanship.”

Among the products, “The blowing man” is the vase series that better summarize the principles that inspire Editamateria. Those vases are built upon the pivotal role played by the “Man”, who is creator and creative protagonist at the same time. As they say “The Blowing Man tells the story of a glass blowing man and is told by the object itself.” It means that the creation process became the object itself. It’s the first limited edition for the brand and it has a very elegant appearance. Differently to what usually happens today, Editamateria has no online shop. They really prefer face-to-face interaction with clientsbecause it also allows them to offer advice about tailor-made objects. However, you can find “The Blowing Man” series at L’Eclaireur in Paris and some of the products at the MUDEC Design Store in Milan. You’ll be also able to meet the Editamateria team at the next edition of the Milan Design Week. More news are about to come and we invite you to follow Editamateria on their social media channels: Facebook, Instagram andPinterest.

Photo credits: Lorenzo Pennati, Pol Polloniato and Editamateria

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Editamateria social media channels: Facebook, InstagramPinterest.

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