Quattrocento eyewear: affordable luxury made in Italy

Quattrocento is a contemporary eyewear brand, founded in Milan in 2013 by Sharon Ezra and her partner Eugenio Pugliese. The two are a couple in the private life and partners in the professional one: Sharon is the designer and product manager while Eugenio is the business developer.

Sharon love story with Italy began long before creating the brand. After graduating at Shenkar College of Design, Sharon decided to move to Italy to pursue her dream of studying traditional Italian tailoring techniques and manufacturing. After her master in product development and having worked for brands like Etro, Costume National and Fendi, she discovered the world of glasses manufacturing when she was invited to produce a collection for Fendi. Sharon told us how she came up with the idea of the brand: “quality and great design are usually not affordable for most of us. There was a point I was dreaming about creating a high quality, well designed but yet affordable products. Quality is something you can really feel when you buy high-end glasses and I wanted to create a product which had the same quality and sense but could also be affordable.” The brand vision is to revive Italian art and help preserving the community of craftsmen who specialize in manufacturing glasses, instead of preferring industrial production in the far East (which holds a market share of about 80% of the glasses manufacturing industry).

Almost a decade ago, Italy was considered a leading country in glasses production, but due to cheaper and faster production outside the country, artisans with valuable knowledge had to close their factories. “For this reason, Quattrocento glasses are 100% handmade in Italy with the finest materials, and are truly crafted by the most talented artisans” said Sharon. The name Quattrocento means “1400” and refers to the 15th century in Italy, a time when the Italian Renaissance was flourishing. Therefore, all the collections are inspired by Renaissance art and architecture. Quattrocento reflects a sense of relaxed and contemporary elegance, focusing on minimal design and combining tradition and innovation. The design is 100% original and avoids any trendy references, so costumers can enjoy the products season after season. The best part is that Quattrocento offers luxury eyewear at a much lower price than the average (115 euros, 3 times less than a branded eyewear). All products are available on Quattrocento website including their new X-max collection. You can also find them in 14 stores in Milan, Rome, Athens, Glasgow and San Paolo.

Photo credits: Danna Wexler, Quattrocento
Official website: www.quattrocento-eyewear.com
Quattrocento social media channels: Facebook, InstagramTwitter.

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