Can furniture change according to our needs?

This is the question Katharina Schwarze and Maja Hafner from StudioMok have an answer for. And it seems to be “YES”. Why do we think that?

Because all the products designed by the German creative studio are extremely versatile and conceived for customers who did not settle down yet. Nowadays societies are very fluid and we became accostumed to continuous changes. We travel easily, we probably change two or three different countries before putting down roots and versatility is not an extra anymore, it is a proper need. All the aspects listed above have an impact on furniture design too, encouraging contemporary designers to find flexible solutions for functional housesSystem 248 is one of StudioMok products that better embodies this spirit. It is a magnetic furniture system in which all its uniformly sized boxes can be arranged in different combinations thanks to embedded magnets. People can adapt it to any room, organising all the elements according to their needs.

You can call it a “multipurpose piece of furniture” envisioning it as a loyal companion able to follow you wherever you go. Functionality can be emotional and at StudioMok they wish that customers fall in love with aestethics as well as with quality and usefulness of their projects. In designing Katharina and Maja are well aware about the important role played by designers in carefully considering the value of the objects and supplies are going to produce. Especially today, every resource used to create, wrap and ship a product should be worth it. Trying to save resources, having at the same time the smallest ecological footprint as possible, also leads to a higher level of experimentation with materials, shapes and colors. If you like StudioMok products and you are based in Zürich (Switzerland), you can find them at the Blickfang Design Fair which will take place from 20th to 22nd November 2015 at the Kongresshaus.

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