Highlights from Designgut

The Designgut just turned 6 and for us is the second time we go visit it. Going to Winterthur and meet designers coming from all over Switzerland is a kind of young tradition for us.

Yesterday we spent half day strolling through the booths of 90 Swiss creatives who were showcasing jewelry, accessories, fashion collections, small furniture and ceramics. Among the exhibitors we firstly met porcelain designer Denise Sigrist from Kreuzlingen. She uses to create vases, glasses, mugs and small bowls moulding porcelain. If you have the chance to look at her works, you will find out that they are mostly divided into two different groups: the first has very precise lines and each piece is just alike the others; the second group gathers together all the objects with imperfections. If you are wondering why, the answers is that at a certain point of her ten-year career, Denise felt no more comfortable with perfection and wanted to break through it. It was a cathartic experience and gave life to new collections in which you can appreciate every and each distinctive detail.

We continued our visit shaking the hand of Michèle Chan, from atelier S&R, a platform for young design brands. Speaking English, German and Hebrew she illustrated us some of the products they support, from the bags made in cooperation with envoyage to thecotton scarves made by Zambon & Stahl. After that we had the chance to meet some old friends of The Design Pot such as 2mol and their lamps made by depleted coffee capsules (don’t forget to check out their brand new Minuit lamp made combining coffee capsules and recycled bike brakes) … and Jessica from Kinsfolk, a designer duo based in Zürich who produces high-quality jewels and scarves with Sri Lankan flair. The Designgut reserved us a couple of surprises more when we reached the second floor of the Casinotheater: Herr Urs pullovers and wool accessories and the lovely postcards made by Cécile of Lotsoflove. All the designers and artisans who are taking part in the Designgut have in common a deep passion for handmade objects designed to last a lifetime.  They really take care of the sustainability of their products and of their entire production processes and taking part in the Designgut they all help to strenghten local industries.

Photo credits: Shir Hacmon, Valeria Crescenzi

Official website: www.designgut.ch

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