“Travelling Light” the timeless new collection by Atelier Laure Paschoud

We can consider Laure Paschoud an old acquaintance of The Design Pot and this is the third time we talk about her collections. The reason why we continue to support Laure is because we have in common the same view about design: we both strive for “good design”, according to Dieter Rams principles.

Each piece is made to last, in time, in style as well as through the quality of its fabric and production. Our goal is to produce socially and environmentally responsible clothing.” Those words summarize the philosophy of Laure and you can track down them into each piece she creates. As in the latest collection “Travelling light” that celebrates the 5th anniversary of the brandThe focus is on timeless pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. It seems to be an invitation to look at the essential things, decluttering all the unnecessary. Less is more and especially nowadays we should stay light and go for durable clothes (all the fabrics used by Laure are certified organic, fair trade or recycled).

The collection is sprinkled with porcelain silver buttons made in collaboration with the Swiss ceramist Sylvie Godel while textile designer Marie Jambers added a festive and graphic touch to the collection thanks to her handmade screen printed fabrics. It’s not the first time that Laure collaborates with other designers: “I believe that collaborating with creatives improves and challenges the work thanks to the addition of new point of views.” Sylvie and Marie were already involved, respectively, into the A/W2013 and S/S2014 collections and Laure really appreciates their way to design. Since is very difficult to find beautiful buttons, Laure decided to use Sylvie’s ones because they seem to be small pieces of jewelry. For the “Travelling Light” collection she coated buttons with silver varnish and the result fitted perfectly with the collection’s pieces. Regarding the collaboration with Marie, they knew each other when Marie started working as an intern at Atelier Laure Paschoud few years ago. After that period and her training in Bruxelles as textile designer she developed a style Laure really loves, so was natural asking her to cooperate for the newest collection. Marie and Sylvie are both designers and craftswomen and those characteristics refined Laure’s collection, respecting the style and the values she considers crucial.

Photo credits: Myriam Ziehli and Valentina Suter

Official website: www.atelier-laurepaschoud.ch

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