Have some street art at home

How many times have you wished to buy one of your favorite artists’ artwork such as a painting, a sculpture or any other art object? We guess this has happened to you many, many times…

As we like to share interesting news and information, with regards to the theme artwork we have found something extremely appealing that we would like to tell you a bit more about. A hint to what we are talking about is Ikea. We know Ikea for affordable design and furnishing products that are not just for the fews but for everybody. On a budget or not, at Ikea you can find all necessary imaginable pieces of furniture and accessories to style your living room, bedroom or kitchen. And when it comes to art… Have you ever heard about the Ikea Art Event 2015? This year, for the first edition of the Art Event, Ikea got inspiration from the streets of our beautiful world. As first theme for the event Ikea chose street art. Street art is for everyone to enjoy, the access to it is free. Indeed, you can grab your bike and enjoy the murals or clandestine paintings in your city or wherever you happen to be. 12 international street artists were asked to collaborate and to create a 70×100 cm poster expressly for Ikea. Each poster is unique, interestingly beautiful anda bit extravagant. All the young artists have a different style, form and mode of expression and for their posters they used different kinds of art techniques and effects.

However, our attention was caught by an artist duo whose concept we especially love. We would like to present you Nevercrew, a young Swiss artist duo from Ticino, composed by Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi. Over the last years Pablo and Christian have been active in the international scene. Among their artworks you can find: “Detecting machine n°1” for the Wall Therapy in Rochester (NY, USA), 2015, “Privatization machine n.1″ for the Millerntor Gallery #5 in Hamburg (DE, 2015) and “Imitation of life n°9″ a.k.a. “Evolutive Machine n°1” in Belgrade, which they painted on one of the walls of the Mikser House in Belgrade (2014). Moreover, they have also worked with brands like Volvo and Facebook. For the Ikea Art Event they realized a poster called “Message in a Bottle”.

“This poster is related to the work we have done in recent years. We have been building a language that is based on a composition of elements, mechanical and not. This language evolves with every new artwork as new components are created and integrated into our “alphabet”. Their poster represents an extrusion of a section, a decomposition of an element. “We consider it as a sort of ecosystem, or a mechanism, which entails a set of parts that cooperate together in order to achieve a function.We metaphorically created a “message in a bottle”, a communication message between us and the viewer.” 

But the project is interesting from several points of view. “We really like the possibility of extending the relation between our artwork and the people. To a certain extent, the Internet does this already: it allows the images to spread and to reach anyone. However, they are spread in a digital form and they are often characterized by small dimensions and absence of physicalness.” Affordability is another aspect of the project. You don’t have to be rich to buy one of the posters. In Switzerland the posters are sold at the accessible price of CHF 9.95. “Our paintings can be seen in person, as they are made in public spaces. But you have to be on site to see them. A poster at an affordable price and available almost everywhere is thus an interesting way to combine the communication component with the physical one. We consider it as a democratic form of art communication, which is already present in street art itself.” Are you now curious to hear other names? The names of the other international artists who created a poster for the Ikea Art Event are: M-City (Poland), Elle (USA), Koralie Supakitch (France), Carolina Falkholt (Sweden), Nuria Mora (Spain), Sobekcis (Serbia), Hua Tunan (China), Erosie (Netherlands), TFreak (Brazil), Eko Nugroho (Indonesia), CRASH (USA).

Photo credits: Nevercrew

Official website: www.nevercrew.com

Nevercrew social media channels: Facebook, Instagram

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