Discovering Design in Zürich: Einzigart shop

Discovering design places can be a challenge sometimes. Especially if you are new to a place or you are just visiting for a short period of time. We always find it energising and inspiring to visit at least one such place, to feed the design craving soul, anywhere we go. Be it a shop, or a cafe or restaurant with marvellous interior.

On the quest to introduce such a spot to you, we find what we initially believe is a small design shop located close to the main train station in Zürich. It’s called Einzigart. Our attempt to visit it on Monday meets with a failure (it is closed Sundays and Mondays) so we come back the next day. We expect to see a small quaint shop selling some design objects for your home. But what we see inside is really fascinating. For one thing, it is much larger than what we’ve expected. It takes up the whole house with three rooms on the first floor and four smaller rooms on the second. Then, the variety of items you can find there is huge. There is something for every room of your home that can be both decorative and useful: textile (cushions, blankets, towels), porcelain, furniture, lamps. Also smaller items such as toys, pencils, soaps and lotions. Or things to wear like socks or some clothes. You name it. You can even find tea, spices and pasta.

What is more, it combines contemporary designs with old time classics. The “Hang it all” designed by Charles and Ray Eames, two of the most important designers in the 20th century, is stunning. Donna Wilson’s ceramics and creatures (toys) are playful and cute. You like playing? Try out Miller Goodman’s FaceMaker. And if you are into polka dots, you will fall in love with Déjeuner sur l’Herbe’s porcelain. We chat a little with Lukas, one of the guys who run it, to learn that it started 15 years ago as a small shop and it has been growing ever since. There are another two shops, one more in Zürich and another one in Aarau. It seems that their business flourishes. They offer products by designers from all over the world. You can see prominent design brands, such as the Swiss bags manufacturer Freitag, together with smaller and not yet famous designer products such as L’Elefantino’s pottery. They also tell us that sometimes they search for the brands they want to sell and sometimes the brands find them. This fact is actually encouraging. It means that if you are a young designer this could be the place to start off, and also that as a customer you will occasionally find new brands and beautiful products.Whenever you happen to be in Zürich pay Einzigart a visit. Even if you are not looking to buy something, even though it is hard not to once you set foot in, just let yourself be inspired by the beautiful things you will find there.

Photo credits: Einzigart, Vanya Dancheva

Official website:

Address: Josefstrasse 36 – 8005 Zürich

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