Trash the dress: S/S 2015 collection by Dori Tomcsanyi

Our recycle bin at home is usually full of plastic bottles. We collect them everywhere we go, as if they were little souvenirs. They hang around our kitchen until we decide to find them a loving home: the recycle bin, where they finally start a new life as something else, maybe becoming glamorous creations.

But guess what: the same material used to create our everyday plastic bottles, better known as PET, can be also used for something completely different. It can be melted down to make fabric fibers for gorgeous new textiles for the fashion industry. Inspired by this idea, designer Dori Tomcsanyi created her spring/summer collection for 2015. She established her own brand in 2010 in Budapest (Hungary). She always loved textiles and cool patterns: “I knew I wanted to design them, but wasn’t sure about fashion”. Dori founded her brand while she was a student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. By the time she graduated from MA program she was already selling her creations in stores across Europe and Asia.

Each collection of hers revolves around a chosen female character: cheeky, laid-back urban girl. This season, with awareness for sustainability in mind, she usedrecycled polyester fabrics to create trendy, comfortable and feminine looks. The silhouettes are minimal and lines are clean and often oversized, creating an easygoing, effortless lookPolyester uses to have a bad reputation as a cheap fabric used for fast fashion industry but – as well as other materials like cotton, silk or rayon – it can come in different types and levels of quality. More expensive polyester fabrics usually have higher quality and can be used as silk substitutes. Besides, Polyester has quite a few advantages over natural fabrics. Polyester is durable,non-shrinkable, water-repellent, holds dyes well, dries fast and is easy to iron or doesn’t require ironing at all. Plus, there are no animal rights issues with it. Other than awareness for sustainability she doesn’t forget to give the feeling of summer with motives such as colorful waterdrops, windy surfaces, sparkling swimming pools, pastel-colored ice creams and beach umbrellas.

It definitely can fit into a busy working day, an evening Apero or a summery outdoor party. Another eye-catcher for this collection is a 100% silk oversized dress with a print of pressed plastic bottles. The unique watercolored drawing was developed by the designer herself, showing us that awareness for sustainability is not only inside the garment’s fibers. It can also become a one-of-a-kind fashionable print. Making this special dress Dori proved us that you can help raise awareness towards sustainability without losing a drop of elegance. Key items for this collection are a pleated skirt dress with pockets, that can be worn all day long with an easy change of shoes or bag, a breezy cotton tunics with a print of sparkling swimming pool surface for spring days, a bomber jacket, that she reinvents in every season: this time, it was made with multicolored water drop pattern. Moreover, the collection also comprises light aquamarine blue shirts and dresses with a ruffled design, just the blow of fresh air they want to get this season. Dori told us that every garment of the collections is made of high-quality materials with a handful of care and excellent craftsmanship. “We’ve created a nice working environment for our employees, we order fabrics from small family manufacturers in Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland, but the whole production process takes place in Budapest, “ she said. Her brand is for women who appreciate the elegance of simplicity while they also require freshness and sophistication. She is constantly seeking to establish and respond to the need of reasoned clothing, with a bright bit of personality. To wrap it up, recycling and fashion do go well together, sustainability can be chic and plastic bottles can transform you in a contemporary Cinderella. Dori Tomcsanyi collection is available on her website where you can also find other selling points around the world. In Switzerland, you can find her clothes on Cityscape Website ( a startup that sells womenswear by emerging designers) or visit their showroom in Zürich.

Photo credits: Balazs Mate, Mate Moro

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