A piece of nature at home – the subtle design of Eva Levin

When we saw Eva Levin’s works for the first time, they instantly reminded us of Nordic summer, sunshine and flower meadows. Eva designs her delicate vases, lamps and candlesticks in Malmö, Sweden, having returned there after silversmith and design studies in Lund and years of working around Europe. She started her own company and brand, scandinaviaform, in 2013.

The two years have gone by so fast it feels like yesterday, and at the same time so many things have happened it feels like a very long time. It’s been eventful, exciting and very fun at the same time, with moments of thinking ‘what have I done’ and a bit of stomachache,” Eva tells us over email. Our absolute favourite of Eva’s works is the Consilium vase made of porcelain, copper and cork. The idea of the vase is to make flowers stand straight as they do in nature. By choosing several vases, each with an individual flower, you can create a lovely still life – like a small meadow on your windowsill or dining table. “My thought was to bring a bit of nature into our homes. That is why I made the vase so small it would blend into the background. The color palette started with white, blue and green, as I thought of spring and the first flowers appearing from the melting white snow. Pink and yellow are happier, lighter and brighter colors and represent summer.”


Consilium vase beautifully reflects Eva’s relationship with nature, which is an important source of inspiration to her. She also refers to studies of nature’s health benefits and positive impact on our wellbeing. “A lot of science shows that we feel good when we spend time in nature. The irregular shapes and interaction are something that makes us de-stress and like life. So, if I can in any way incorporate nature into the home, I’m glad,” she says. At the moment Eva is excited about the new version of her Consilium vase in clear glass. It will be introduced in August both at the North Modern furniture and lifestyle trade show in Copenhagen and the Formex interior design fair in Stockholm. If it’s well received by the audience, the plan is to offer the glass version in different colors. Eva says she’s a very receptive person, picking up even the slightest nuances and details surrounding us. Besides nature, her inspiration can also come from a conversation or a piece of art. An idea may even pop up when just watching TV or reading a book.

Eva finds it very important to take into account the ecological aspects and sustainability as a designer, but also finds this difficult. “I wish I did more that is why I started the ReUse series. This is something I am very excited about and would want to develop it much more. I wish I could have the luxury of doing this full time for 6 months or a year.” The ReUse lamps above are made of recycled and waste materials: glass shades of old lamps and waste material from the wood industry. Eva finds some of her materials, e.g, in flea markets, second hand stores and charity shops. The ReUse candlesticks have the same idea of saving natural resources by using already existing materials. Eva’s aim is to create functional, aesthetic and stylish design full of creativity – design that allows the personality to flourish. She also believes that good design can make people feel better, and that it should be accessible to all. “I am intrigued by how creations impact a space, and the atmosphere they create. I strive to create things that provide positive energy in a room, and make us feel better. When we feel better, we are more likely to live our lives in full, be a part of the world. I also would like my design to inspire interaction, conversation and laughter, as they are an important part of life.

Photo credits: scandinaviaform

Official website: scandinaviaform.com

Eva Levin social media channel: Instragram


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