A mindful approach to design: L’Elefantino fine goods

Not so long ago we discovered a small local brand that attracted our attention with its beautiful, simple and colourful ceramics. And when we find something we like, we always want to know more about the label and the products. So we speak with Barbara, the founder and designer of L’Elefantino’s fine goods, to tell us more about the story, the passion and the dreams of the brand.

At L’Elefantino they don’t limit their production only to fine ceramics. Their products vary greatly in material. They make bowls of all sizes, vases, scarves, bags and earrings just to name a few. They are all fascinating with their subtle and soft colours, their clean design and timeless feel. And while the great look and high quality of the products won’t go unnoticed, we want to focus on an aspect that is not so obvious. For this maybe it’s better to start from the beginning. Barbara’s passion for craftsmanship and fashion goes long before she started her own brand in 2011. “But when confronted with the choice of my education I considered the world of fashion and design as too superficial, too materialistic – and so decided to study History of Art at the University of Zürich,” Barbara shares.

This could have lead to a very different part. However, missing making things with her hand, she went on to study Textile Design in an Art Academy in Barcelona, Spain. Then, after working for various companies as a designer, she decided to start her own business, which would give her more freedom to be in charge of her ideas and vision. We are really happy that sustainability is the driving concept behind the production of their articles, proving that the fashion industry needn’t be materialistic. “In this times of very in-transparent mass production, I’m sure that people (or at least some of them) crave for objects, made with dedication and consciousness,” says Barbara. Well, they should. Manufacturing and all that it entails is affecting all of us. The make and manufacturing of L’Elefantino’s products show a mindful approach and care for the customer. It starts from knowing where the materials come from and continues throughout the production process. They work with manufacturers in Switzerland, Spain and Scotland and they are also “very open to find more talented and dedicated manufacturers all over Europe”. Their ceramics and jewellery are completely handmade. (At the time we spoke the jewellery was not yet launched, but now we see some eye-catching earrings on their Instagram page.)

“I work myself on samples to develop shapes and I draw everything,” she confirms. The scarves are machine-made. The cotton scarves, which are mindfully made of pure cotton, are manufactured in Switzerland. While the scarves made of wool are manufactured in Scotland. We are curious to know what new is coming for L’Elefantino, and she tells us that they are currently working at full-speed for launching a new collection of leather accessories, which is planned for October, and she also promises that a stunning merino wool scarves collection will join their product range. We are looking forward to it! You can shop the collections in their store in Zürich, in all Einzigart shops (in Zürich and Aarau) and in Süper Store in Berlin. Their products are being sold mostly locally and we couldn’t help but ask if they wish to expand with more stores abroad. To which Barbara replies: “We are just at the beginning of the L’Elefantino adventure and we would love to see our products in some selected stores also abroad. Anyhow, we want to grow slowly and carefully, with dedication to our philosophy and also having fun working.” Very nicely put. Well, we wish them the best of luck with their adventure and we will keep an eye on all those delightful products that they are launching.

Photo credits: L’Elefantino

Official website: lelefantino.ch

L’elefantino social media channel: Instagram 


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