Sonar and Syntagma: the new products by Studio Ferrante Design

We already met Sabino Ferrante last year during an interview focused on the projects developed by his Studio. Today we are glad to share the latest news from such a dynamic designer and, to be specific, we are about to introduce the lamp “Syntagma” and the desk “Sonar”. They were born, respectively, from the collaboration with two Italian companies: ZeroOmbra and ZAD Italy.

SYNTAGMA_SFDZad_Sonar_Detail“Syntagma” is a minimalistic lamp whose name comes from the Greek literature. It has an aluminium structure, methacrylate diffuser and a LED lighting system. Sabino designed two different versions of the same lamp: the first is a pendant fixture and the second is a floor lamp. The main difference between them lies in the diffuser: indeed, the floor version has a diffuser on the top of the first folded segment, while the hanging version illumination system go throught the entire lamp’s body. Syntagma_CollageThis is a feature that underlines the shapes of those lamps, giving to the floor version the shape of a Greek Sygma capital letter and to the pendant one the form of a seagull.Syntagma_SeagullAnd from the animal’s world came also the inspiration for the desk “Sonar“, that resembles the caudal fin of a whale. In the end is summertime, isn’t it?Sonar_Desk“Sonar” was produced using a special resin mix called Adamantx© and has a particularly robust structure. The desk has a sinuous look and pleasant, vibrant colors. it can be produced using one or two colors, depending on the clients’ preferences. Zad_Sonar_Desk_SfThis article is only a brief overview about Studio Ferrante Design new products: for more infos we invite you to visit their Facebook official page. Enjoy!




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