Visiting Calliope in New York should be fun!

Random encounters are the ones we love most. It is the case of the store we are going to introduce. We were strolling down theWest Village during our holidays in New York City, when we bumped into a very cool and welcoming place called CalliopeThe sign outside the store said «Nice things for you and your home» and we let ourselves to be tempted by.

We tip-toed into this world full of collectibles, famous vintage magazines, leather bags, posters and wooden furniture: we were trying to choose the most beautiful objects to describe you and our curiosity led us to have a talk first with Rosie and later with Caroline(jeweller and co-founder, with Michael, of Calliope). First of all you have to know that Calliope was born only a month ago. It is a former chandlery’s home and it opened its doors to people who love the mix between new creations and vintage pieces. Calliope hosts objects made by emerging as well as established designers and it is also a place in which you can simply walk in to have some relax, sipping your coffee on their sofa.

Among the showcased furniture we were really fascinated by the little chair made by Brooklin based designer Anthony Zollo: it is an handmade chair built with oak and leather. Craftsmanship characterizes all the objects of the store as you can see from the pictures below. This article is just a sneak peak into this eclectic place: don’t forget to drop by and discover the numerous activities Calliope offers. We found out they organize uncommon activities for a design store: drawing classes, mini-guided tours as well as behind-the-scenes-meetings with designers and crafters whose objects are on display. Definitely worth a visit!

Photo credits: Valeria Crescenzi

Official website:

Address: 349 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014

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