A table for city dwellers with a sense of humour

POP Furniture is a young Finnish company with a passion for customized, versatile, colorful and fun furniture. Their first product, POP Table, is actually two tables in one. The customer can choose the color and finish for both table surfaces, as well as the size, the edgeband, and the legs that don’t need to be affixed permanently.

As a result you have a table that is put up and taken down easily, and adjustable to your needs and moods. This video explains the concept better than words. “Versatility is a word we use a lot. We think it’s a really unique aspect that you can have a two-sided table. We don’t know of another similar concept,” says Lauren Turner who founded POP Furniture Company with her husband Mikko Antila in 2013. Mikko had been dreaming of the company for years, and he continued brainstorming with Lauren. The couple also found talented people in their friend network, such as art director Jani Sallinen and concept manager Joakim Schonert. Finally, the production started, and the web store was opened in January 2014.

“At the moment I feel exhausted and overwhelmed, but it’s been good. We’re learning so much about everything,” Lauren says. “The truth is that we are not designers, we are just people with an idea. It’s really humbling to enter the design field because we don’t want to pretend that we are designers, and we don’t want to take away from the talent, and all the hard work and education the designers have. But, we also feel that we are filling in a niche that needs to be filled.” The POP Table concept was born from Lauren’s and Mikko’s experience as consumers. Lauren lived in New York before moving to Finland and got to know what it is to inhabit small places and move often. “Also, the apartment me and Mikko were living in before, was a tiny place, so we wanted to create a table that was multipurpose and multi-functional. For example, if you live in a studio, you’ll have a table you can use and take down, durable enough to withstand moving around.” Depending on the height, POP Table can be used, e.g., as a dining or office table, or as a sofa table or TV stand. In case there isn’t enough room for a big table all the time, you can disassemble the table, store the legs and place the tabletop against a wall – as a big, colorful piece of art. POP Furniture is targeting city-dwelling people, either couples or people with young children, who are using one space for multiple purposes. “People whose style is a bit edgy, and who appreciate Scandinavian contemporary style of design, but don’t feel the need to buy a really high-end design table. And people with sense of humour!” Lauren continues.

Fun and humor is visible in the color palette, which consists of eight bright colors with a touch of retro. According to Lauren they wanted a palette that was wild, and poked fun a bit at the typical Scandinavian all-black-and-white style. “When we get orders, the first thing we look at is ‘what colors are they getting’?”. Many times it’s black and white, and that’s totally fine, but when someone orders a pink table or an orange table, it’s super exciting – ‘they get it, they really get it’!” Lauren laughs. POP Furniture takes great pride in saying that the tabletops are made in a small town of Kolho in Finland, by a family-owned company, Mesitek Oy. “We are well aware that we could make tables far cheaper somewhere else, but that’s not something we are interested in doing. We are giving them business, those people are keeping jobs, and there are less flying tables in the world,” Lauren says. The outer surface of the tabletops is made of premium High Pressure Laminate that is durable and resistant to many marks, abrasions and stains, while the lightweight solid wood core ensures stability and versatility. So far the table legs have been a foreign product, made in Germany by companies L&Z and Linie58, but for the last months POP Furniture has been developing their own legs which they’ll start selling soon. Though POP Tables are meant to last for a long time, Lauren’s and Mikko’s long-term vision is to create either a buy-back or return program for their furniture. “If people would ever want to give up their tables, we could take them back and either get them back to shape and re-sell them, or dispose them in an ecologically conscious way.” Other future plans are not yet ready to be revealed. “There’s going to be a lot more than POP Tables, that’s for sure – lots of POP other things! We hope to be on other continents, and we hope to be selling more and different products,” Lauren says. Find POP Tables in the company’s web store. By the end of this year the company is also planning to work with some retailers.

Photo credits: Jenni Kauppila and Johanna Levomäki, POP Furniture

Official website: www.poptable.fi

POP Furniture social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest


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    Great table! Moving around furniture is a common thing and inventing something that can stand it is more that welcome! I’ll be glad If I have one of those in my kitchen. Greetings, Man With Van Romford Ltd.

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