Pixel art: Mark Bern digital artworks

«Pixel art is a form of digital art created through the use of raster graphics softwares, where images are edited on the pixel level». Making some researches we discovered that the term pixel art was first used in 1982 by Adele Goldberg and Robert Flegal of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.

For Mark Bern, the artist we are going to introduce today,  all started thanks to his first computer: a Commodore 64. Do you remember it? We’ve spent some our best afternoons ever in playing with Pac Man! Mark, besides playing with video games, also explored the possibilities offered by image manipulation softwares and today he is showcasing the first collections made by colorful pixelated artworks. During an interesting conversation had with Mark during Grafik Schweiz, we discovered that his works are mostly inspired by nature and travels. It is the case of the «Marbella collection» in which the original pictures depict – among the others – sand, beaches as well as sky. The process of transforming a photo into something completely different from the original image is very interesting. Sometimes you can barely recognize the subject, but you can feel the power of every single pixel of color, letting your eyes indulge on tiny details. The final artworks are printed into aluminium DIBOND® plates that have a very minimal and not intrusive appearance. They are mostly made for interiors but the material used is very resistant and it is also suitable for outdoor uses.

Recently Mark started to work on three-dimensional prototypes of his artworks. We had the opportunity to touch one of these models and we had a very good first impression. Although is not easy (and not economical too) to replicate all the colors of the bidimensional prints, the first tests are encouraging. Below you can see a picture of a prototype but you should touch it, because the rough surface amplify the effect of every single 3D printed pixelMark Bern production started almost 20 years ago but the first collection was released only in 2013. Mark is an experienced web entrepreneur and since a couple of years also an emerging artist. For those of you who are based in Zürich you have time until Easter to see three of his works («Jungle», «Garage» and «Sky») showcased at the first floor of Globus (Bellevue). It is an unusual place for artworks, but at the same time, a proof of the versatility of his creations. Mark is dreaming of having his own studio: maybe a place surrounded by the nature. The colors and the beauty of easy things and natural elements such as plants, flowers, fire, the sky itself are very inspiring for him. It is interesting notice that he is inspired by something so distant from the digital world of the computers. The works you can see above are part of the ones released last year and are respectively entitled «Dark Flow III» and «Fire». As you can see, the colors are a little bit stronger: an opportunity to play with different palettes that impact in a more trenchant way. If you have some special ideas or a specific wish you can contact Mark and tell him… because unique artworks are possible upon request.

Photo credits: Mark Bern, Valeria Crescenzi

Official website: www.markbernart.com

Mark Bern social media channels: Twitter, FacebookInstagram

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