We, the people of Grafik|14

One of the things I really love to do is to discover new talents. Since I moved in Zürich, I visit fairs and exhibitions almost every month and I shared with you my impressions about them. Last sunday I spent my afternoon visiting Grafik|14 at the Maag Halle. What is it? Grafik is an annual exhibition that showcases trends and works from the most innovative graphic designers, typographers and illustrators in Switzerland. The fact that it takes place in Zürich is not a coincidence because in the city there are at least 200 graphic design studios.


As you maybe know, Switzerland has a long-lasting relationship with design, especially with graphic design. For me Grafik|14 was a surprise: its main merit was to be able to bring together very different designers, offering a harmonious selection of their works. It was an eclectic selection, sometimes anguish as in this poster (maybe inspired by the homonym Daft Punk song)…


…or very funny as in these others by Esther Stuedli.


Many of the works came from advertising campaigns and events’ promotion as in the case of the Kinski Klub’s posters.


There were also the Swiss visual designers Katja Peter, famous for being the person who created Yootea branding system, and artists who revisited the traditional public transport map of Zürich.

Grafik_14_ZurichI really enojoyed also the live painting corner: it was near by the relax area and allowed visitors to observe artists at work. Cool, I really loved the pink flamingo below!

Grafik_14_FlamingoFor me was the first dive into this colourful sea and I would like to know something more about this interesting industry. If you have some specific events to share with me, drop me a line at hello@thedesignpot.net.

See you soon!


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